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I’m Joshia, a 3rd Year Computer Science student studying at Singapore University of Technology and Design. I am interested in music and all things pertinent to computers. When I’m not coding, I’m probably playing the piano.


  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (May 2016 – Sep 2019)
    • Information System Technology and Design Pillar, Bachelors of Engineering, Honors
    • Undergraduate Merit Scholar
  • Other Qualifications
    • Diploma in Piano Performance, DipABRSM

Familiar Programming Languages/Frameworks

  • Python
    • Flask / Django
    • Tensorflow, Theano, Pytorch, Caffe
  • Javascript
    • React
  • Java
    • Android Development
    • Weka/Deeplearning4j
  • Ethereum, Solidity
  • SQL (postgres, sqlite) and NOSQL (mongoDB)
  • Docker
  • AWS

Code Repository

Check the stuff I have been up to here!